When you start PhiLia 02 there is the Menu Button at the lower right corner.

After a while this Menu Button fades away, so that you won’t be distracted by it.

If you want to access the Menu, just tap in the lower right corner where the Menu Button has been in the beginning. If you tap only close to the invisible Menu Button, then it will fade in for a while to indicate it’s position.


ALL DIRECTIONS – if this if off, the elements start only moving into one direction.

TREMBLE – makes the elements move less straight.

TRAILS – if this switch is on, the elements leave traces on the screen.

COLOR – if the color switch is on, you can choose a basic color for your elements, otherwise you will see grayscale.

TRANSPARENCY – is for controlling … the transparency of the elements.

SMOOTHNESS – is for controlling … the smoothness of the movements.

NUMER – lets you change the amount of visible elements.

SAVE PHOTO – you can decide to save your freshly created artwork to your Photos folder.

CONTINUE EXPERIENCE lets you experiment further…

Shake to Randomize will hand over the responsibility of setting parameters to the machine.

Tilt for Directions to send the elements into different directions depending on your movements with the device.

DoubleTap to Refresh will erase the painting and relocate the elements below your fingertip.

Tap to center the elements below your fingertips.

Multitouch (2 fingers) is implemented, but it is up to you to figure out what it does...  :)