When you start PhiLia 01 there is the Menu Button at the lower right corner.

After a while this Menu Button fades away, so that you can enjoy the creation of your art without being distracted by it.

If you want to access the Menu, just tap in the lower right corner where the Menu Button has been in the beginning. If you tap only close to the invisible Menu Button, then it will fade in for a while to indicate it’s position.


TRAILS lets you choose if the elements should leave traces and allow you to paint or if they should just float around.

ALL DIRECTIONS – if this if off, the elements only react vertically when you tilt your device.

COLOR – if it’s on, you can colorize the elements by putting your fingers close to them. The closer your fingers are, the more colorized the elements get. Try it out with multiple touches at the same time!

SOUND can be turned on and off (you should turn it off, if you don’t want your parrot to go crazy!)

SPEED is for controlling … the speed.

SIZE lets you play with different sizes

SAVE PHOTO – you can decide to save your freshly created artwork to your Photos folder

CONTINUE EXPERIENCE lets you experiment further…

The following instructions only work during the creation process (not in the Menu)

Shake your device to reset the elements so that they are aligned below each other.

Tilt for Directions lets to send the elements into different directions at a various speed depending on your movements with the device.

DoubleTap to Refresh will erase the painting without relocating the elements.

Important Note !!!

It is recommended that you restart your device before using PhiLia 01, IF you might experience problems with the navigation (this should not happen with the current version 1.1 anymore, just in case...)